LOOK WHAT I FINALLY GOT! 💚 *spreads plumbobs* #thesims4 #yay

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yay    thesims4   
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I cried at this episode lol.

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The Sims 4

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W e ‘l l  f o o l  y o u .
                          W e ’ l l  f o o l e v e r y o n e .

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME4/5 favorite female characters » Allison Argent

"I was thinking that maybe I should be prepared. Learn to be a better fighter and learn all the things that you can still teach me. And maybe a few things more. But we’re going to have a new code. Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger."

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oh, take me out of this place I’m in
break me out of this shell-like case I’m in
STEREK WEEK • Monday: Lyrics/Quotes
Song: “HUMAN" by Daughter
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  • aries: can write hella cute poems
  • taurus: amazing at putting together ikea furniture 
  • gemini: best mac and cheese maker around
  • cancer: can decorate cakes really good
  • leo: photoshop expert
  • virgo: can memorize song lyrics in a flash
  • libra: great at finding four leaf clovers
  • scorpio: super good with makeup
  • sagittarius: can take really pretty photos
  • capricorn: expert tree climber
  • aquarius: awesome at giving speeches
  • pisces:  can beat any and every video game
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fuck that chris evans guy

i’m tryin

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Ya know anabolic steroids are illegal in the United States. You got an awful lot of facial hair for a teenager. Seriously. What are you on?

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